Rattlesnake Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon

The undeveloped stretch of upper Rattlesnake Creek is a little slice of wilderness in the city of Poway. The canyon still supports a flourishing ecosystem of native plants and animals, including spectacular winter wildflower blooms, despite the close proximity of suburbia and numerous invasive plant species. Excellent trails allow easy access to a variety of creekside habitat, including all three of the major of inland San Diego plant communities: Riparian, Chaparral, and Coastal Sage Scrub. Over them all stands the distinctive local landmark of Tooth Rock, a 25 foot tall granite monolith of incisor-like proportions.

The trails of Rattlesnake Canyon are enjoyed by many, especially during wildflower season. Hikers, bikers, and horseback riders appreciate the beauty of this natural space, and voluntarily help maintain its unspoiled state.

Our Mission

Friends of Rattlesnake Canyon is a volunteer organization, affiliated with San Diego Canyonlands, dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of this open space. Our mission is to protect and restore the natural habitat, catalog the resident animals and plants, and increase public awareness of this suburban gem.


ActivitiesFriends of Rattlesnake Canyon has organized nature walks with knowledgeable guides, for both the general public and interested groups. We also organize work parties to remove trash and invasive plants, some of which threaten the native ecology. Please send email to make arrangements or for further information.